Gender: Female

Bread: Mongreal

DOB: Jan 2019

Description: (14 May 2019) 四個月大的唐狗B女「Sonia」被發現獨自在草叢悲鳴,後肢無力全身便溺,急送獸醫診所治療。「Sonia」現在已經健康地長大了,成為一隻文靜可人的唐狗女。雖然「Sonia」有一點慢熱,但最愛與狗狗玩樂。願有心人給「Sonia」一個家。Baby Sonia was found crying alone in the bushes and drenched in her own urine when she was just four months old. Since then, she’s evolved and grown to be a loving dog. She is very calm and peaceful, although a bit shy with people initially. On the other hand, she is very playful with other dogs and gets along well. We really hope Sonia can find a loving home.