Gender: Female

Breed: Mixed Breed

Description: (9 Nov 2020)「Una」媽媽一家被遺棄在元朗貨倉,我們隨後把「Una」一家六口一起帶回 RCAP。狗寶寶們已經在新的家慢慢地適應著新生活。「Una」是一隻很溫柔親人的狗媽媽,還在等待自己的緣分,願有心人給「Una」一個家。Mammy Una was discovered in a warehouse in Yuen Long with her 5 babies and fortunately, she was rescued! Her puppies are now doing well, and slowly settling into their new homes. Now, friendly girl Una is ready to go to her forever home. Please consider giving her a change to become your family member.